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Peugeot, a France based automaker, has given the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) a new 3008 SUV which will be used as a part of TRL's autonomous driving test program. The Ng DATA AI Research Lab is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board and its aim is to apply Machine Learning and automated data analytics to enrich the consumer genetic code, enable companies with a deeper understanding of their customers, and consequently improve the company bottom line. This new vehicle will be used for a number of purposes such as real-time analysis of traffic and weather conditions in order to anticipate problems and avoid them. The goal of this year's testing is the finalizing of a software platform that will enable vehicles to "see" and judge the world while driving in traffic with the help of onboard computer sensors and in doing so, saving human drivers a considerable amount of time and potentially accidents.

The project is a joint one between the Universities of London and Oxford, using the renowned School of Computer Engineering at Oxford University as its base. A number of academic groups from Singapore and Europe are involved, including the European Working Group for Accident Analysis, the European Automobile Driving Research Network (ERADN), the European Software Agency, and the European Software Development Organization. The work was carried out by undergraduate students who were undertaking a course at the School of Computer Engineering. This is the first of several projects between Singapore and Europe. The goal of the researchers is to complete a system using a combination of computer science, statistical methods, artificial intelligence, and neural networks.

Professor Lim Siow Jin, executive director of the ERADN says that the new automated technology will reduce the liability faced by companies from lawsuits caused by their product or service. This will be a boon to workers who suffer injuries while at work, especially in the construction sector, and could lead to improved working conditions. Professor Kevin Warwick, from the University of Oxford, who is a member of the steering committee of the project, says that the most important aim of the research is to build on past research into the detection and response of safety concerns, particularly in the automotive industry. The graduate school is involved in a separate research project called Sensor Based Safety for Automotive Components.

The Umbrella Labsnow has about 20 members, all of whom are working full time in their respective fields of study. But because of the short time span, many of them have also joined the research after finishing their graduate years. Lim Siow Jin, who is now serving as a professor at the University of Oxford, says that the current effort to build an automated vehicle safety system is much too expensive. Instead, his group aims to build on past research into the detection and response of potential safety problems, especially in the case of self-driving cars. His research aims to build on previous research into the detection of an active safety control system, such as an anti-lock brakes system, that could prevent a car accident.

Other members of the Research Lab at professors from Yale University, which is located in New Haven, Connecticut; the University of Cambridge, which are located in England; and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They all worked together on the project, and during the start-up phase they had to prove their technical skills and develop a reliable, user-friendly software package. Graduates from the start-up phase are required to take on an internship with the company in order to get familiar with the company's processes before they can officially start working there. The interns will also help the company with its IT work, troubleshooting problems, and other aspects of the project. After the project is successfully launched, graduate students can apply for jobs with the company once they finish their projects. This internship will also serve as a proof of academic expertise, if one wants to take up an academic career in a similar field.

For those who have already finished their undergraduate studies and are now seeking a phd in Computer Science, getting a job at a reputable research lab would be a dream come true. For aspiring computer scientists, it is important to choose an eligible department that has ample opportunities for advancement and job security. Finding a good Ph.D program at a reputable institution that offers excellent job opportunities is sure to lead to great success.Know more about labs at

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